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Sunday 22nd March – Click HERE to view message!

Past messages from Grace

Each Sunday at Grace we hear a wonderful message about God’s heart for all humankind. These messages are available free of charge here on our website. Click on the title of the message you’d like to read and you’ll be taken to the page where you can download the PDF of the message.

New Series May 2019 – Love

Love Pt I

This morning we’re starting a new series about a topic that’s the underlying bedrock upon which rests our faith in God and our understanding of God’s heart toward us, our identity, our purpose in life and the future of our world. If you were to focus on this one thing for the rest of your existence on planet earth you would hear Jesus say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” at the end of your life.

Love Pt II

Today I want to talk about God’s love FOR you. I want to try and convey to you just how much God loves you and what that actually means for you. When talking about a topic such as this we all bring our own baggage along which impacts on how we personally interpret what it means to be loved by God. There are far too many christians who constantly struggle because they’ve never really seen or understood just how much God loves them.

Love Pt III

A man was driving through an Amish community in North America when he pulled up beside an elderly Amish gentleman and asked him a rather unusual question. Leaning out of his car window he called out, “Are you a Christian?” To which the old man replied, “You’d have to ask my neighbour.”

New Series March 2019 – Habits

Habits Pt IV

Last week I said that in our series I’d share a habit with you that helps us to depend on the Holy Spirit more and more, because the Holy Spirit is actively involved in producing fruit in our lives and the fruit that He produces helps us to experience the life that Jesus promised.

Habits Pt V

Today I want to talk about another habit that has the power to completely transform your world and the way you perceive it. In jesus words, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free."

New Series – What it Means to Walk with God