5th July 2020


Update from Ps D

Intro from Sarah

This week we thought it would be great to pause and focus on worship. To that end we’ve asked our worship team (singers and worship leaders) to choose songs that have spoken to them during this season we are all going through together. Can we encourage you to listen to each in order, you’ll be so blessed that you did and we are praying that when you have, you’ll feel so refreshed and encouraged! (We also thought it would be nice to see some familiar faces again)

Rattle – Elevation Worship

For as long as I can remember the idea of dry bones has always been one of the most inspiring concepts for me. Dry bones are about as sad and hopeless as you can get; hollow and of no substance. 
But as God speaks with Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37, we see a beautiful picture of restoration and of God as life-speaking, life-breathing and life-giving. 
Have we become hollow, and lacking substance? Are we afraid to hope, or to dare to dream? Are we sustained by God’s Spirit within us? 

Do we believe that God can and will restore, or even resurrect, desires that He has placed within us, that have for whatever reason have grown cold? 

He will and does. 
He is with you and guiding you. Providing the very breath that you breath. I hope and pray that He will give you all faith for those things that seem impossible. 
Because He delights in showing you how much He loves you and provides what you truly need.

. . .
Jade Eduljee

Champion – Bethel

I just love this song. It is crazy to me that God chose someone like me to carry his victory!

He doesn’t want perfection, he just wants us. He is our champion. He has won it all. He is forever undefeated. We carry the victory and the freedom that he won for us! Amazing!!

. . .
Sarah Pascal

Living Hope – Phil Whickham

A song I cling to. A raw and real summary of the hope Jesus is to humanity. Every broken person can be a rescued and made whole because of His great love. Every time I hear this song I just want to sing it out and tell the world “the cross has spoken , I am, you are, we are ALL forgiven.. and the KING OF KINGS calls all of us His own!”
He wants us, He cares for us, he didn’t want to be separated from us. So he made a way, gave us a chance, a belonging, a freedom that could never be found anywhere or in anyone else. Jesus Christ our living Hope!!

. . .
Bek Andrews

Phil Wickham – Anthem

No matter what we’re going through God is faithful. There are so many reasons to love our God. His promise never breaks, His beauty never fades, He is faithful.

. . .
Bonnie Long

Surrounded – Kari Jobe

I have the album “Peace” by Bethel on repeat at work at the moment and every time Surrounded comes on it reminds me that the battle is not mine, that I am totally surrounded by love, peace and His protection.

. . .
Anitra Collins

Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling with habits and life situations that weigh us down. We find ourselves listening and sometimes echoing the lies that the enemy tells us.

Be encouraged in the hope and promise that Christ is the truth and that ‘while we were yet sinners, he died for us’. There’s a better life!

. . .
Favour Onu

Amazing Grace – Chris Tomlin

Whenever I hear this song I’m reminded again, to always step out of the chains that hold me captive, to remember that I’m set free, that my God saved me and that He loves me.

I’m reminded of my journey from despair to hope. That I was lost, then found. That I was blind, and now see. That the things that bound me to fear and unworthiness are only chains that I place on myself. That feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness are chains I allow others to place over me. 

My hope is that this song today will also release you from the chains that hang over you. That as you listen to the words you realise the chains aren’t locked on you they are ready to be broken off you and you just need to step out of the circle of them at your feet.

. . .
Sue Briggs

Forever – Kari Jobe

For all eternity, for all time, forever!!
Our Saviour, our redeemer, our resurrected King.
His perfect love poured out for us all. He paid the price we could never pay. His unmerited mercy & priceless gift of Grace – that alters us in ways that will last for the rest of our lives – for all eternity! Forever!!

. . .
Debra Cottuli

Still in Control- Mack Brock

This song clearly states that no matter what happens in our life our God is still in control and he will always reign on his throne. This song means so much to me and makes me feel comforted knowing that our God is still in control I hope it touches you the same way it touches me.

. . .
Kaitelyn Eduljee

Another In The Fire – Hillsong UNITED

This song really speaks to the isolation being felt by so many of us during this crazy, challenging time.
Lyrics like “I know I will never be alone.”, “I can see the light in the darkness, as the darkness bows to Him.”and “Nothing stands between us.”
 amazing to reflect on these promises of God’s comfort and ever present protection, no matter what life throws at us. He is greater, more gracious, and more capable of love than we can ever imagine.

. . .

Tammy Long

Gravity – Brian and Jenn Johnson

When I listen to this song I’m drawn to close my eyes and worship.

To go to a place outside the pressures of the world.

Picturing God in his greatness, power and sovereignty, I am reminded of what is really important, and I can be at rest with him.

. . .

Hannah Denman

It Is Well – Kristene DiMarco

Like everyone else affected by this COVID pandemic so much that has happened around me I have had no control over. It has seemed like the wind and waves I’m facing are so big – in fact they have at times seemed even bigger than my faith. I have not even thought of telling the mountain in front of me to get lost!
However I am reminded that I always have a choice, this song reminds me that no matter what, God has got me, he makes me brave. No matter what, I can choose to praise, I can choose to focus on Jesus and not the mountain or the waves. When I let go and trust him it can be scary, but through it all he has never ever let me down, not once. The waves and wind know his name. When I speak the name of Jesus into whatever I am facing it becomes still, the waves and wind disappear and I am well, Iam free to worship him.

. . .

Lyndy Burt