Grace To The World
Community Development

Here at Grace we believe that God’s heart is for all people to experience His love and His life in all its fullness, and that His plan is for each of us to realise the potential that He has placed within us to be a conduit of that love and life to the people around us.

We recognise however that we live in a world in which systemic injustice, generational disadvantage, discrimination and lack of access to basic resources often traps individuals, families and communities within a cycle of poverty and scarcity, robbing them of the dignity of choice for today, and the ability to hope for the future.

We desire to love and serve individuals and communities by resourcing and empowering them in a way that respects their autonomy and enhances their dignity, while fostering a God given sense of purpose and hope that will inspire them to pursue the goals and dreams that will enrich their lives and bring lasting, sustainable benefits to their communities.

We partner with people and organisations in Uganda, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and invest resources in poverty alleviation measures such as health care, education, skill training, housing, nutrition and sanitation.


Operation Uganda

“Transforming a nation one child at a time, one household at a time, one community at a time”

Jenny and Russel Barton started Operation Uganda in 2005 in one of the biggest slums in Kampala, and have now expanded into the war affected north of Uganda.

Their mission is to help keep vulnerable children in their families and at school, and to strengthen and develop communities through skills based training, education and development projects and initiatives.

Their scholarship program focusses primarily on orphaned and vulnerable children, whilst their empowerment projects helps women who are widowed or solo mothers in destitute situations.

We have supported the work of Operation Uganda through their child scholarship program, financing the construction of school buildings in Abim in Northern Uganda, provision of school supplies, construction of a community library, and participating in their annual Christmas hamper appeal.


AOG World Relief

“Pursuing Justice through empowering communities to transform their society”

For over 25 years we have partnered with AOGWR Vietnam, and Paul and Deb Hilton and Kelvin and Bec Windsor to combat poverty and the challenges it presents.

Based in Danang in Central Vietnam, AOGWR supports communities to access basic services and improve their livelihoods, provide education and training, improve health and safety, advocate for the rights of women and children and those with a disability, and respond to humanitarian emergencies

Over our many years of partnership we have participated in rural development projects such as community livestock programs, clean water and sanitation programs and establishment of rural health centres, as well as various child safety projects such as provision of bike helmets, swimming lessons, life skills education and online safety training.


RAISE Cambodia

We partner with two members of our Grace family, Will and Anne Downie, who have been working in South East Asia since 2007, and in Cambodia since 2011.

RAISE Cambodia exists to raise awareness and support for people living in extreme poverty, working in collaboration with village officials, communities and other partner organisations.

Through our partnership with RAISE Cambodia we have assisted with water and sanitation projects – provision of water bores and water filters, and assisting with the construction of toilets, as well as provide assistance with the education needs of vulnerable children through provision of school fees, text books and uniforms.


Seeds of Hope

Our partner Rob Garnsey, along with his wife Daeng, run Seeds of Hope Thailand.

Based in Chiang Mai, Seeds of Hope trains local men and women in aspects of project management such as project finance and design, as well as building and trades such welding, bricklaying and plumbing.

They also assist those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable within their community by building and repairing homes, and through provision of food and education supplies