Our Church

Grace Church is a church with a difference. We offer upbeat contemporary Christian services in a relaxed friendly environment. We speak your language because we’re made up of trades people, business executives, students, teachers, the young and the old – people just like you who want to know about God in the context of their day-to-day lives. We are a Bible-believing church that endeavours to introduce people to Jesus and experience all that life has to offer along the way. After all, Jesus himself said that he had come that we might enjoy life to the full, and it makes sense that the one who created all life would know the best way of living it.

Join us each Sunday at 10am

Emmanuel School’s Performing Arts Centre, 1 Chipmans Road Rokeby.

Why don’t we hold church at the Grace Centre

It’s a question that we often get asked and each time we tell people that we don’t hold church services at the Grace Centre because we want our local community to experience what it means to be loved by our church without any strings attached. We decided when we purchased the old Rokeby Tavern that we would create a meeting place for our local community, something that everyone could be proud of and benefit from. If we were to have church there then some people would think that we were only fixing the place up to grow our church and get people through our doors. By not having church at the Centre it takes our motive off the table as we’re not looking to benefit from the good that we do in our local community. Hopefully by putting our blood, sweat and tears where our mouths are, people will realise that we really do care about our community and maybe in some small way, we can then through our actions, point them towards the love that God has for each and every one of them.

Our Ministry Leaders

Ps Dermot & Debra
Senior Minister

Pastors Dermot & Debra Cottuli are the Lead Pastors of Grace. They have 4 children, Aidan, Kaitlin, Ryan & Erin.
Dermot and Debra are passionate about the local church and helping people encounter Jesus. They think that Tassie is the best place in the world to live and that the people here are the absolute salt of the earth.

Ps Gus & De-arne
Executive Minister

Pastor Gus Yearsley and his wife, De-arne, are long-time Gracers who have a passion to see people connect with our local church and engage in life-changing behaviour, i.e., serving the local church and the broader community. Together with their three children, Ps Gus and De-arne love welcoming people new to Tasmania and new to Grace.

Community Connect

Watch this space. This role will help people in our church connect to areas of need within our community. As a church we are committed to serving our local community and we want to help connect our volunteers to the projects that need their assistance.

Franky & Sarah

Franky and Sarah head up our Youth ministry here at Grace and do an amazing job. They have two gorgeous kids, Samson and Florence so they know what it’s like to juggle, life, work and children whilst still wanting to let their hair down with friends.

Nik & Libby
Grace Kids

Nik and Libby Eduljee head up our Grace Kids programs each Sunday during our services. They have 5 children of their own so you know they’re more than up for the task. If you’re new to Grace and have children (2yrs – Grade 6) they’d love to meet you. Catch them at our Kids sign in desk in the foyer and they’ll look after you.

Ps Ray & Anne
Men & Women

Pastor Ray and his wife Anne head up our Men’s and Women’s ministries here at Grace. They host regular events and are always available for a chat. You can find out when our next Mens or Grace Girls events is happening under our Events heading in our main menu.


Lou Durose is our Grace to the World Coordinator. She is passionate about taking the message of hope that we have in Jesus outside of our four walls and into a desperately hurting world. She is married to Matt and is a very proud mum of Amelie, Henri and Addie.

Worship / Music

Our worship team that you see up front each Sunday is lead by Bek and comprises singers, musos, sound technicians, both audio and visual, and lighting. We’re always looking for new team members so if you’re keen to get involved, have a chat with Bek and she’ll let you know what you need to do.

Sunday Services

Sue Briggs is a long time Gracer who along with her husband Brett, have served in many different capacities over the years. Sue currently looks after our serving teams each Sunday. If you’re wanting to get involved on a Sunday with one of our serving teams let Sue know and she’ll fit you in.

Mike & Sally
Grace Centre

Mike and Sally Townsend help look after the Centre and handle all of our maintenance, cleaning, gardening etc. They do a wonderful job keeping everything running smoothly. If you’d like to help out, they’re the people to see!

The Grace Centre

Our gift to our community

In November of 2015 our church purchased the Village Green tavern in Rokeby (11 Ralphs Terrace Rokeby). Located on nearly 5 acres of land in the middle of Clarence Plains the property was ideally situated to become a hub for community meetings and activities and as an administration base for local community groups throughout the week. During the past 6 years that dream has become a reality. The heart of all we do at the Grace Centre is to support the wonderful work being done by so many amazing organisations and individuals in our local area.

ADDRESS: 11 Ralph Terrace Rokeby 7019  PH: 0490 100 086

Recent Loaves & Fishes Kitchen Launch at the Grace Centre