Our Connect Groups for Season (2) 2018

Our connect groups have one primary goal and that is to provide you with opportunities to connect with others and build friendships within our church. We’re constantly looking at ways that help make the programs within our church more effective and this format helps people connect in all sorts of ways, and also enables our key leaders to build relationships with more and more of our church family.

There are two very important aspects regarding the format of Grace Connect Groups. First, our groups have an expiration limit. In other words, they won’t go on forever. In fact, each year we have two seasons of connect groups, where you will have two opportunities to join a new group and meet new people. Usually, each round of connect groups runs for 4 – 5 months.

Second, the types of groups that we offer are highly varied. While we do offer Bible study and ministry-style groups that are focused and topical, we also have a range of activity- and interest- based groups. These provide opportunity for people outside of Grace to join in as well. They could be cycling groups, business groups, bushwalking groups, photography groups, coffee groups; in fact any type of group that people would enjoy that give its members the opportunity to build relationships with each other.

1) Growing in Grace (An Introduction)

Leader/s: Ps Dermot / Ps Gus / Ps Ray
Venue: Church Foyer 1 Chipmans Rd Rokeby
Day & Time: Fortnightly Monday evening 7 – 9 pm
Info: If you’re new to Grace or new to faith this 4 week course is ideal for you to discover what it is that makes us tick.

2) Men’s Breakfast Group

Leader: Will Downie
Venue: TBA
Day & Time: Fortnightly Wednesday 7.30 am
Info: Have breakfast together and share
Cost is the price of your breakfast or coffee

3) How God Speaks & What Happens When We Listen & Say Yes 

Leader: Anne Sakaris (A group for young women 15-25 years.)
Venue:  9 Clovelly Drive, Geilston Bay
Day & Time: Meeting Thursdays fortnightly 5:30 – 7:30pm over dinner. Commencing Thursday 15th March
Info: We will work through Tania Harris’ book God Conversations together.  We will talk life and faith.  We are all writing a story, we’ll consider what’s been written so far and what we would like to write next.

4) “Towards Belief” by Karl Faase

Leader/s: David and Lyndy Burt
Venue:  The Burts’ Place
Day & Time: 7.30pm  but some pre-arranged meal events will start at 6pm. Weekly on a Wednesday evening
Info:  A DVD session followed by discussion & application “homework”

5) Fostering Hope

 Leader/s Brett and Tracey Galbraith
Venue: The Grace Centre
Day and Time: Fortnightly TBA
Info: A course for couples interesting in exploring Child Fostering. Cost of $30 per couple for course material
Minimum of 2 couples needed for group to go ahead.

6) Bike Group

Leader/s: Gus Yearsley & Tim Dwyer
Venue: It changes so we’ll let you know
Day and Time: Weekly – or as notified
Info: For beginners through to experienced cyclists. Family groups are also welcome.
You will need: your own bike & helmet.

7) Bellerive Eateries

Leader: Gus Yearsley
Venue: Changes each time as we move around different eateries
Day and Time: Various
Info: A great social group for getting to know people from Grace along with trying out the various coffee shops and eateries around Bellerive.

8) Grace Bushies

Leader: Sandra Reeve
Venue: Various
Day and Time: Various
Info: If you’re into bushwalking and would like to join our group, register below and Sandra will be in touch with details of our next walk. There are walks for all fitness levels and experience.

9) Knitting and Crotchet

Leader: Susan Webster
Venue: Sandford
Day and Time: Weekly or Fortnightly on a Wednesday
Info: Whether you’re a skilled practitioner or just starting out you’re more than welcome to join our group for some great company and laughs.

10) Practical Help for Clarence Plains Residents

Leader: Mike and Sally Townsend
Venue: Varied
Day and Time: Saturday morning every 4 weeks

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in people’s lives and build relationships with the Clarence Plains community then this group will be perfect for you! Meeting on Saturday mornings to help with yard cleanups in the Clarence Plains area for people who need our help, followed by a lunch with us hosting them at their own place. Hoping to make this a regular service but will be dependent on people’s availability.

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Connect Groups 2019 (First Half of Year)

Apply to run your own group!

We’re calling for expressions of interest by those interested in running a Connect Group during the first half of 2019. Groups run for 4 – 5 months and there is no obligation to run your group again. We love being able to offer a wide variety of groups so if you have an idea for a group that you think others would be interested in joining let us know by going to our sign up page and we’ll get the ball rolling. In the past we’ve run all sorts of groups from Bible studies, cycling groups , bushwalking groups, coffee groups, all the way through to web design groups; in fact we’re happy to run just about anything that will help people connect. So what are you waiting for? Click HERE and let us know that you’re interested and we’ll get back to you ASAP!