The Grace Centre From above

For those wondering about the church and money . . .

Contrary to what you may have read in the media, churches don’t have vaults full of gold. We depend on the generosity of our members to do everything that we do in our local community. We also don’t enjoy any more tax breaks than the local footy club, we’re all not-for-profits and in the same boat. :)

At Grace we’re committed to serving our local community of Clarence Plains regardless of whether they visit our church or not. We figure when the Bible says that God loves the whole world, He means everyone. To do what we do means that there are bills to be paid every week and if it wasn’t for the generosity of those who give regularly, our community would be minus a Church and the Grace Centre.

From the bottom of our heart we want to say thank you to those who make loving our community without any strings attached possible. Without your generous, regular giving we couldn’t do it.

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BSB: 633 000 Acc #: 147 469 175

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BSB: 633 000 Acc #: 147 469 217

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BSB: 633 000 Acc#: 147 469 225

Thank you for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated!