Our Latest Series

Below are a number of preaching series that you may find helpful

The Things Jesus Said

This year we’re starting off a series in which we’ll look at some of the things that Jesus said, that could be considered, startling, shocking, controversial, profound, and always deeply challenging.

Grace Girls Blossom 2023

Deborah Hilton speaking at our annual Grace Girls event

Where’s God 2022

The longest series in the history of Grace

Grace Lavished 2022

Cath Wills speaking at our annual Grace Girls event

Healthy, Growing & Full of Love 2022

God’s plan for our lives, our church and our community.

From Dreams to Reality 2021

Everyone can dream, but not everyone sees their dreams come to pass.

The ABC’s of Church 2021

How to thrive in your local church

Sorry Kid, it Ain’t Gonna Happen 2020

Another look at Ecclesiastes

Growing Beyond the Normal 2020

Practical keys that will help you to grow